Christmas Gifts Claiming Guide

3 min readDec 31, 2021


Uniqly Christmas Madness has come to the end and tens of thousands of gifts have been claimed by our community. This incredible event has exceeded our all expectations with over 56,000 gifts distributed. Now, it is time to see what you received!

In this piece, you will find out how to refresh metadata and check which gift you have received. In most cases, a Gift should be revealed automatically but sometimes, the owner needs to reveal it manually.

If your gift is not visible yet here you can find a quick guide on how to check what you received.

1) Visit, change network to Polygon, and go to “My Items”.

2) From the “My Items” section choose the Christmas Gift that you want to reveal and enter the Item Page.

3) Press the “Trade on OpenSea” button.

4) Once you will be redirected to the OpenSea, in the upper right corner press the “Refresh Metadata” button.

5) Wait a while and refresh the page to see what you have received! It may take up to one hour, or even more, depending on the OpenSea queue.

This is the process of revealing your Uniqly Christmas Gift. We hope that you like your present!

Additional information:

  • NFTs on Polygon Network are not visible in your Inventory on OpenSea. You can find them in the “Hidden” section.
  • Depending on your Christmas Gift, corresponding Decentraland wearables will be airdropped to your Polygon address. Unfortunately, it may take a while as the process is manual. You can check if you have received it on OpenSea in the “Hidden” section.
  • Physical items can be redeemed from the NFT through additional payment.

Thank you for being part of the Uniqly Christmas Madness. We hope that you enjoy that event. Happy New Year!

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