Uniqly 2023 — Year in Review

3 min readJan 1, 2024


2023 was a rollercoaster of a year, yet remarkably productive! 🔥

Here’s a quick recap of what happened 👇

Uniqly x SneakerHeads

Streetwear fashion is where change happens. The Uniqly x SneakerHeads Collaboration was a strong example of phygital activation!

NFT NYC 2023 Punks Jackets

For NFT NYC 2023, we prepared an exclusive drop of Denim Jackets for CryptoPunks, where each punk could customize their jacket with their PFP.

Decentraland Phygital Fashion Day

We hosted an event in Decentraland filled with panels about fashion, NFTs, and the future of Web3. Together with our amazing speakers, @shok_eth, @modyaya, @di_uni_verse, @CryptoNovo3, @VoyTechEth, @zuckerswag, @adrianaNFT, @Chris_Perdek we attracted more than 250 people, making it the biggest event in the metaverse that day.

Uniqly x Hummel x NounsDao

Sports unite, challenge you, and bring ideas to life. Together with @hummelPolska, we created professional jerseys for @nounsado players during the @webthreefc tournament in New York City.

Meeting Community across the globe

We are always in the field, grinding to meet you, share experiences, talk about Web3, and enjoy unique moments together. We always try to bring swag with us to share with you! 2023 was intense, with visits to Paris, New York City, Denver, Lisbon, Lugano, Warsaw, Miami, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and Los Angeles.


SandBox Team Equipped with Uniqly Merch

We equipped the whole Sandbox team with NFC-chipped merch during NFT Lisbon POAP Treasure Hunt.

Uniqly New Functionality — Social Links

We have upgraded all our clothes with new functionality; all owners of items powered by Uniqly can now personalize their belongings by setting up dynamic links. 🔗

Apps for Clothes

Uniqly Apps for all Uniqly Clothes! The first app was a POAP Integration, where each user can set up a POAP Drop and distribute it via all their clothes.

Uniqly x Polygon during NFT Paris

We have always been building on Polygon. During NFT Paris, we prepared a special drop of phygital t-shirts. Everyone could get one and claim ownership of it, even @sandeepnailwal claimed a couple! 👀😃

Uniqly x Puma

Actively developing into the mainstream where innovation is needed and we
have a ready answer. Together with @PUMA, we created unique experiences for fans.

Uniqly x ThePolacy

Web3 Community is part of our DNA, we will never change that, and our goal of innovating is actively pursued with our unique partners. Together with @thepolacy_, this is one of many projects where we joined forces for a better Web3 future.

Uniqly Tag Generator — Automated SaaS Solution

New Product! We introduced an NFC Tag Generator, a fully automated SaaS solution for creators, brands, and people who want to create phygitals with just a couple of clicks.

Uniqly x POAP

Together with @POAP, we share a broad and long-term vision of using Web3 solutions in the mainstream, it is a natural relationship that has allowed us to engage thousands of people in many places worldwide.

Uniqly x Adidas Y-3

In partnership with @adidas Y-3 at the @Vitkac Fashion House, we helped shape a unique experience for users. Every Y-3 item was augmented with a special experience accessible via an NFC chip, bringing the future of fashion to people’s fingertips.

Jewelry Market

The jewelry market holds a key spot on our 2024 roadmap. Wherever there’s a need to verify the uniqueness of valuable products, we step up and back our partners. Working with @adrianaNFT, we’re rolling out a project that merges numerous innovations with a fresh take on crafting jewelry.

Uniqly x Footverse

2023 showed us that the sports market is our place and a key industry for the future growth of our technology. A major move into sports, where our stuff gets fans excited and helps clubs connect with their communities. Teaming up with @Footverse shows what the future of sports might look like with Web3.

Uniqly During Miami Art Basel 2023

Along with others, we were part of the rHouse event hosted by RugRadio in Miami during Art Basel 2023.

Uniqly x JRNY Crypto

An exclusive and innovative release tailor-made for the enthusiastic community and specific collection owners: transforming boxes into a truly unique phygital collection, personally signed by @JRNYcrypto. This initiative sparks excitement within community, merging physical and digital realms in a groundbreaking Web3-inspired approach.

These were just a couple of the amazing things that happened.
2023 was for building
2024 is for winning!