Uniqly SWAG Pack Drop!

Less than a month ago, we have announced the exclusive Uniqly Swag Pack to spread some positive vibes around the community. Now, the time has come to release the happy winners of the competition!

As a reminder, Uniqly Swag Pack is a premium pack of multiple Uniqly items. The owner of this exclusive set can be recognized as the real Uniqly enthusiasts.

The Uniqly Swag Pack contains:

✔ Uniqly T-shirt

✔ Uniqly Hoodie

✔ Uniqly stickers

✔ Uniqly Facemask

✔ Uniqly Mug

✔ Uniqly Bucket Cap

There were several ways to get this amazing set of Uniqly goods.

✔ 15 packs go to random UNIQ token holders.

✔ 15 packs go to random Uniqly NFT T-shirt holders.

✔ 15 packs go towards our oldest collaborators, partners, and advisors.

✔ 15 packs go towards marketing efforts.

Besides 15 pieces distributed among our partners and advisors, the 45 packs in total will be distributed to the community.

✔ 30 packs in total to UNIQ token and Uniqly NFT holders.

✔ 15 packs for community members that performed required marketing activities described in previous Medium article (Twitter follow, RT, and tag 2 fried and your favorite NFT artist).

In the attached link you can find addresses of the lucky UNIQ and Uniqly NFT holders.


The winners of marketing efforts have been tagged on Twitter.

Congratulations to all participants!

The Swag PACK is in form of NFT. Together with claiming, the burning transaction of NFT will put the Proof of Authenticity in form of a QR code only on a hoodie.

You can keep the SWAG Pack as the NFT or order it to the real world and flex with amazing Uniqly merch.

The NFTs will be distributed to the winners within 7 days.




The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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