Wearables 3.0 — the first phygital fashion tokens

It has been a while since our last update, but finally, we can proudly announce the new format of our NFTs — Wearables 3.0, the future of the Web 3 fashion industry! Today, we will present the idea behind Wearables 3.0, explain how they work and what problem they solve.

In short, Wearables 3.0 are phygital fashion tokens that grant access to physical items and digital wearables in many metaverses and AR apps through one NFT.

It means that each Wearable 3.0 token contains corresponding assets in many different worlds. By that, you can have the physical item for yourself in the real world, as well as the digital version of the same product in multiple metaverses and AR apps achieving a new level of flex in multiple worlds.

Why Wearables 3.0?

We perceive our NFTs as the 3.0 version of the wearables development, with the physical products being as the 1.0 and digital items as 2.0.

All of them combined in one NFT creates Wearables 3.0.

But do we need them? From our perspective, yes!

One item in multiple worlds

Together with an exploration of the NFT space and metaverse we have faced a few challenges. Firstly, NFTs have been limited only to the digital form with very few use cases in the real world. It has been solved together with the creation of our NFTs backed by physical assets, which was our initial goal.

Along with the development, we have noticed another issue. Digital wearables were limited only to one specific metaverse, without the possibility to freely use it in various universes.

Wearables 3.0 is our answer to that. With a single token, you get access to multiple items that can be redeemed and used in various metaverses, as well as the physical world and AR apps (shortly).

How does it work?

The mechanism behind Wearables 3.0 is pretty simple. When you have a freshly minted Wearable 3.0 token, all worlds are open and available on the back of the token.

At this point, you are an owner of all underlying assets in each world and you can (or will be soon) redeem all of them.

To do that, just choose the worlds where you want to get the items and proceed with a simple redeem process through the Item Page section of the Wearable 3.0.

For example, if you want to get The Sandbox wearables, simply choose that world and go through redeem process. After that, you will receive corresponding The Sandbox wearable (in the case of the avatar torso) on your wallet.

That is it! In that way, you can redeem all assets to supported worlds. And of course, this is just the beginning and more metaverses and AR apps will be added along the way.

Stay UNIQ!

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The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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