Claiming Module Guide

To enhance the claiming process through our new tool, the step-by-step guide highlighting important points was created. Use it in case of any doubts.

Connect Metamask

To start the claiming process, connect your MetaMask with the Uniqly platform.

Once it is done, the button in the right corner of the website should display your image.

Go to the “My Items” tab

Through the wallet folder, go to the “My Items” tab and “My wallet NFT”. Here you can find all of your Uniqly NFTs.

Next, select the product that you would like to materialize.

Start “Claim Request”

After choosing a particular item, start the claiming process through the “Claim Request” button.

Choose the preferable Claiming Option and your Nickname

Once you begin the claiming process, a preferable claiming option needs to be chosen.

At the moment of writing, two basic claiming options are available: Standard Claiming and Claiming with User Verification. Explanation of each option can be found as well after placing the cursor on the ℹ️ icon.

  • STANDARD CLAIMING — Claiming without user verification but with the nickname permanently saved on the blockchain. You can request the user verification later. This option involves claiming cost.
  • CLAIMING WITH USER VERIFICATION — Claiming with user verification and the nickname permanently saved on the blockchain. You only have to complete the verification process once. This option involves claiming and user verification costs.

The price of the process may differ, depending on the choice. A clear explanation of the prices can be found in the last Medium article Uniqly Claiming Module — Overview.

The next crucial step is choosing your nickname.

As the nickname is recorded in the burning transaction of NFT, the user needs to choose it carefully. Once something is recorded on the blockchain it cannot be changed or undone. Similarly, in the option with User Verification, once the nickname is chosen, it cannot be changed. Choose wisely.

Fill in the shipping data and choose the size

Another step in the claiming process is choosing the size of the item and filling in all the data required for delivery of the item.

In case of any doubts in case of size, use the size guide.

Read and accept Uniqly Service Terms & Conditions

To proceed to the next phase of the process, read and accept the Uniqly Service Terms & Conditions and confirm other contests. After that, you are ready to go!

Proceed with required transactions and make a payment for the Claiming Process

The final step in the process is the payment. To successfully claim the T-shirt, first, you need to make two approval transactions — one for the NFT that you are claiming and another for permission to use UNIQ tokens for payment.

The last transaction is for the whole claiming process that includes: payment for burning the token, nickname label on etherscan, and delivery of the physical item.

Once it is done, press Claim Request to complete the process.

Wait for claiming confirmation

Well done! You have successfully performed all the required steps. The status of your item has been changed. Now, it is time to wait for the approval of the Claim. It usually takes up to 48h.

Monitor the item status

Once your Claim Request is approved, the status of the Item will be changed automatically.

At the same time, the email with confirmation will be sent to you.

Wait for the delivery of the physical item

Congratulations! The Claiming process has been completed. Now, you can see your product in the “Physical items” tab in the “My Items” list. The item is being delivered to your address, so you can now relax and simply wait for your package!

Thanks for using our Claiming Module. We hope that you enjoyed the process.

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The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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The first bridge between NFT and physical products.

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