Uniqly Claiming Module — Overview

2 min readJul 20, 2021


We are thrilled to announce that our Claiming Module is live. Together with its implementation a materialization of your Uniqly NFTs to the form of physical items becomes possible. Check the text below to find important information about the tool.

Non-public beta version

Claiming Module is undoubtedly the core product of the Uniqly ecosystem and the game-changer in the whole NFT.

The flawless operation of that functionality is crucial for the whole platform, therefore additional efforts to check the reliable work were made.

Starting on the 13th of July, the non-public beta version for selected community members and our partners went live. This was an important strategic decision that helped us to gather the initial feedback and general data.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the tests.

Claiming Module is live!

Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the public beta version of the Claiming Module.

Along with this feature, Uniqly NFT holders will be able to burn the NFTs, put the name or nickname on etherscan, and order the physical products with Proof of Authenticity, delivered right to their hands.

This is the revolution in the NFT space, connecting the NFT space with the real world.

Important information

Important notes regarding the Claiming Module:

  • In the current version of the product, claiming is available only for NFTs from the Generator Collection. Other Uniqly Collections will be added within the next few days.
  • In order to claim the NFT to the real world, the fee in the form of a UNIQ needs to be paid.

A fee is used to cover the cost of delivery and the transaction fee for the NFT burning transaction where the user puts the name or nickname on etherscan.

Please keep in mind that the burning transaction records the user’s name or nickname on the etherscan, which is computationally demanding. Due to that, the fee may be significant.

There is no operational or infrastructure fee for Uniqly itself.

The price of the claiming is calculated on the basis of the price of UNIQ and the cost of Ethereum gas. It will be adjusted accordingly to the UNIQ price and usage of the Ethereum network.

Current prices:

→ Standard Claiming — 150 UNIQ

  • Ethereum Network fee ~15%
  • Shipping fee~85%
  • Uniqly fee — 0 UNIQ (Uniqly doesn’t charge an operational fee for the process)

→ Claiming with user verification — 225 UNIQ

  • Ethereum Network fee — ~11%
  • Shipping fee — 56%
  • Uniqly User Verification (Uniqly charges an operational fee for the verification process. Only done once) — 33%

A detailed guide explaining each step of Claiming Module can be found here.

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